Generation Z: Into The Heart of Russia’s Fascist Youth Book Launch By Peterson Literary Fund – Ottawa


The Peterson Literary Fund, in partnership with BCU Foundation, was proud to sponsor the recent Ottawa launch of Ian Garner’s latest book, Generation Z: Into The Heart of Russia’s Fascist Youth, published by Hurst Publishers.

The full-house event was organized by Pendulum Group as part of their ongoing Salon Series, which brings together leading thinkers exploring the big issues of our times. Peterson Literary Fund was represented by the chair of its Awards Jury, Lisa Shymko, and Advisors Anton Sestritsyn and Olga Klymenko. Thank you to Pendulum Group team – Yaroslav Baran, Heather Bakken and Ben Purkiss – for organizing a fabulous event in partnership with the Macdonald-Laurier Institute.

As Peter Pomarantsev recently wrote, the book is an essential portrayal of Russia’s “Putler Jugend with all its paradoxes and sadism.” A compelling read on the rise of fascism in Russia and its threat to peace, democracy, Ukrainian statehood, and the Euro-Atlantic alliance.