Fund Administration

BCU Foundation responsibly manages the philanthropic contributions of thousands of donors and currently administers over 35 designated and general funds. These funds provide resources that enable our community to grow and prosper.

Contributions can be made by donating directly to the BCUF General Fund or by creating a Designated or Memorial Fund which leaves a personal legacy by making a meaningful contribution, in perpetuity, to your chosen cause or purpose. The annual income earned from investing the capital of a Designated Fund is earmarked for a specific purpose according to your instructions.

Contributions made to BCU Foundation are invested to ensure the highest return and the greatest benefit to the designated cause. Investments are managed by BCU Wealth Management in accordance with the Investment Policy Statement set by the BCUF Investment Committee. The BCUF Investment Committee oversees the investments made for the designated funds and reports its oversight activities and any resulting recommendations to the BCU Foundation Board of Directors.


BCU Foundation is a charitable organization that supports Ukrainian community based cultural, historical and educational endeavours in Canada. Its goal is to support unique and inspiring initiatives and is driven by its motto: Community Spirit Binding Generations. BCU Foundation is committed to funding projects and activities that promote the rich Ukrainian-Canadian cultural identity and depict the historical context of the Ukrainian-Canadian experience. Its support also enhances the development of community organizations and fosters leadership in the Ukrainian-Canadian community.

BCU Foundation was granted its charitable status in December 2002, with seed money from Canada’s largest Ukrainian-Canadian credit union, Buduchnist Credit Union. BCU Foundation was established as a permanent means of sustaining the Ukrainian community in Canada for generations to come. The official public launch of BCU Foundation took place in Toronto in 2006. The Foundation’s first significant grant was an inaugural donation of $100,000 in support of the Ukrainian Canadian Care Centre in Toronto.

Since its establishment, BCU Foundation has distributed over $15 million in support of countless projects to a multitude of organizations across Canada. To date, BCU Foundation is the only charitable foundation in Canada established by a Ukrainian-Canadian financial institution.

Board of Directors

Roman Medyk

Bohdan Leshchyshen
Past Chair

Chrystyna Bidiak

Oleh Romanyschyn

Nadia Gereliouk


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