BCU Foundation provides grants to a wide array of projects and activities in Canada. Grants are given to eligible charitable or non-profit organizations through two channels of support: Designated Funds and General Funds.

Designated Funds are donated by individual Canadian donors or by BCU, on behalf of its members. These funds are earmarked for a specific purpose, cause, organization, or area of interest designated by the fund’s founder or donor.

General Funds are received from broad-based donations or fundraising events. These funds support a wide spectrum of community initiatives which fall within the Foundation’s general mandate.

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BCU Foundation is committed to fostering the development of future generations of scholars and young professionals who will flourish in their careers, make meaningful and lasting contributions to the development of their Ukrainian Canadian community, and continue the tradition of excellence set by Ukrainians in Canada.

In 2017, BCU Foundation launched the Canada 150 Fund in commemoration of Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation. The Fund provides an annual scholarship for Ukrainian Canadian graduate students and young scholars pursuing a graduate degree, including Master’s, MBA, Ph.D., or post-doctoral research at a recognized North American institution.

Fields of study: Science, engineering, technology, business, finance, and other disciplines.

Value of award: The Canada 150 Fund scholarship will be awarded annually to a single applicant in the amount of $10,000.
The BCU Foundation reserves the right to award two scholarships in the amount of $5,000 each to separate applicants or to refrain from making an award in any given year.

Application deadline: March 31, 2023, 9:00 pm EST.

Canada 150 Fund Application

Canada 150 Scholarship Guidelines

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BCU Foundation believes that future generations must always have an opportunity to identify with their Ukrainian heritage and benefit from a strong, cohesive community. Therefore, by supporting unique and inspiring initiatives within the community, BCU Foundation strives to promote the vibrant growth and long-term development of the Ukrainian community in Canada. The BCU Foundation Grants Program supports the preservation and promotion of Ukrainian-Canadian cultural heritage and the development of a flourishing Ukrainian community for the enrichment of Canada.

BCU Foundation fulfills its mandate by disbursing grants to organizations and not-for-profit groups in support of Ukrainian-Canadian cultural development in the areas of: Arts, Heritage, Education, Skills Development, Community Organizational Sustainability, and Community Development. The beneficiaries of these grants have included charities, community organizations, musicians, artists, writers, filmmakers, cultural institutions, researchers and universities. These grants are financed through the Foundation’s Designated and General Funds.

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This policy outlines the process, application criteria and informational requirements, funding decision considerations and internal reporting requirements for sponsorship and donations. Its purpose is to ensure that funding decisions are consistent with BCU Foundation’s vision, that disbursements are spent on legitimate purposes and consistent with the original request; funding amounts are appropriate for the request, and fall within BCU Foundation’s financial capabilities.

BCU Foundation is proud of its commitment to Ukrainian communities across Canada and beyond and plays an integral role within the larger Ukrainian-Canadian community as a major financial contributor and supporter of major events and various community organizations. Applications for funding that fall within BCU Foundation’s parameters will be considered for, but not guaranteed for funding. Examples of programs that may qualify for funding include the following:

  • Local community initiatives that promote a sense of community, e.g. community concerts, community development activities of local organizations.
  • Development and advancement of the teaching of Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian Studies as well as for the teaching of the Ukrainian language.
  • Projects that have as its main purpose the celebration of a Ukrainian-Canadian theme of interest and appeal to the general public, i.e. not of interest and appeal solely to members or associates of the organization

Applicants with projects aligned within the above mentioned focus areas should meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants must be a charitable or non-profit Ukrainian community organization based in Canada.
  • Applications will not be accepted from individuals.
  • The foundation will give preference to projects which involve members of BCU Financial.
  • Only one application may be submitted per calendar year for any one specific project or event.
  • No funding will be provided for meals or travel; operational budgets; capital expenditures; fundraising projects
  • No funding will cover expenses outside of Canada
  • The amount of funding will not normally exceed 50% of the total cost of the project
  • Upon completion of the project, a final report and financial statement must be submitted to BCU Foundation.

Applicants failing to provide a post-event final report may not be considered for subsequent grant requests.

Applications for grants will be considered by the Board of Directors. All requests need to be submitted in writing or electronically with a BCU Foundation Grant Application Form 60-90 days prior to project completion or event date.

Grant recipients will acknowledge any funding received from BCU Foundation. Specifics of the acknowledgement should be agreed upon prior to the event or project completion and may include:

  • Significant visibility or promotional opportunities for BCU Foundation
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Advertising opportunities*

* If the funding agreement includes advertising opportunities, the funding recipient must provide all information relevant to advertisements, i.e. ad specs and submission deadlines to BCU Foundation.

Grant recipients agree to communicate BCU Foundation’s branding and messaging in accordance with BCU standards.

BCU Foundation reserves the right to publicize all projects and recipients that received BCU Foundation support and/or funding.

BCU Foundation receives applications for funding from many organizations and cannot fulfill all requests. You will be notified if your application is successful. Be sure to include as much information as possible on the application form including any additional attachments necessary. BCU Foundation reserves the right to publicize all projects and recipients.

In the application for a BCU Foundation Grant, applicants must provide the following:

  1. Completed BCU Foundation Grant Application Form (available here)
  2. A copy of the organization’s constitution and by-laws
  3. Most recent financial statement

Completed applications may be sent electronically to or mailed to:

BCU Foundation

Attn: Grant Program Committee

2282 Bloor St West

Toronto, ON M6S 1N9


All applications/requests will be logged as they are received and will be reviewed for eligibility, as per application deadlines indicated above.

Applicants whose application has been approved for funding will be notified in accordance with the Application Timeline.

For any questions, please contact


The Canada 150 Fund: Building the Ukrainian Story is the newest funding initiative launched by BCU Foundation. It commemorates Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation.

This fund will provide scholarship opportunities for Ukrainian-Canadian graduate students and young scholars to pursue research in science, technology, business, finance and other disciplines. It will help to continue building the Ukrainian-Canadian story and to make a visible impact on the multicultural landscape of Canada.

BCU Foundation is committed to fostering the development of future generations of scholars and young professionals who will flourish in their careers, give back to their community, and continue the tradition of excellence set by Ukrainians in Canada. Together we are building the Ukrainian story and creating a legacy.

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Scholarship Guidelines